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Repair of other lens

Over the years, in our service center, we have helped thousands of customers who have had a problem with their lenses. Thanks to our experience and the opportunity to use original spare parts, our service has delighted many consumers and won their trust!

Inquire by phone or email for your camera model and we will respond as soon as possible. The technical examination (diagnostics) is paid in advance and is part of the final repair price.

Upon repair, this amount of BGN 24 remains for the service, covering the time and effort of the service agent to prepare the final repair price.

If your appliance fails, send it for repair by filling out the service form (link below).

Aquarius Service LTD
Service Department
st. Major Yuri Gagarin 30 (entrance at the back of the block)
1113, Sofia

If you have questions to us, feel free to ask them:

Phone number: +359895677307
Monday – Thursday, 09 – 18 hours
E-mail: service (at) digi-service.eu

Acceptance and transmission of orders – Monday – Thursday, 09 – 18 hours
Also read the terms and conditions for a 5-year Tamron warranty and Terms of Service

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