Price list - DSLR cameras

Pricelist for repair of DSLR cameras

Pentax DSLR cameras

BGN 148
  • We rely on the complete equipment to repair all Pentax branded DSLR cameras. The cost of the repair work is fixed and is BGN 148. When replacing a spare part, the price is added to the total amount for repair. The spare parts warranty is 6 months.


BGN 36
  • In our service we perform complete cleaning of DSLR cameras. The cleaning value is fixed – BGN 36 with VAT. We use only verified tools and products that are of proven quality and origin.

Get free calibration when buying a lens!

All Tamron lenses and Pentax DSLR cameras have a 5 – year full warranty. Register your products within 30 days of the date of purchase.