Cookies Policy

Cookies policy

Here you can find out about used cookies and other technologies for storing information in connection with the services provided (the “Services”) on the site and / or the mobile versions and applications (the “Site”).

Important: Policy enters into force on 25 May 2018.


Cookies are information stored in your browser (or mobile app). They are used to store the settings and identifiers required for some of the services provided on the Site. applies a strict policy in line with the new EU requirements.

Biscuits are used for the following purposes:

Type of storage period Description
Session and navigation management (session identifier, security protection, previous step for the back button, etc.) Temporary (during your stay on the Site) These cookies are technically necessary for logging in, navigating and using the Site . The site can not function reliably and normally without them.
Settings (Site Language, Choice of Mobile or Desktop Version, Hide Information Boxes) Up to 6 / Six / Months since Last Use These are cookies that are used to save your settings; which allow you to hide information boxes you’ve met, and more. under.
Functionality Quick Search Links Up to 6 / six months from last use If you use this option, you have the ability to repeat quickly and easily a previous search (from the last 10 searches).
Functionality automatic login to account Up to 6 / six / months since last use If you use this option, it allows you to login automatically to your account.
Delete cookies from your browser (This option will be available as of May 25, 2018)
Special functionality is provided on, allowing you to delete all cookies. In case you want to do this, use this link: Delete all cookies from this browser

Browser cookie control
If you wish, you can also use your browser settings to delete and / or disable cookies from specific or all sites. More about this can be found at